Sandals Resort Nudity: Everything You Need To Know

Are Sandals Resorts clothing optional?

Hello, luxury travelers!

If you’ve stumbled on this blog, you are either here by accident are are looking for some definitive answers on Sandals Resort nudity.

Never fear!

I often get questions like:

“Addison, tell me: Are Sandals Resorts clothing optional?”

For those exploring the possibility of booking their next trip to utopia in a resort designed exclusively for couples in-love, you might be wondering about the possibilities and/or boundaries surrounding what is acceptable.

Here’s what I’ll wager: you fall into one of three “camps” of folks.

  1. Mentality Camp #1: You’re absolutely terrified of all forms of nakedness and don’t want to be around it…or have your significant other around it. πŸ˜‰
  2. Mentality Camp #2: The thought has popped to your head and while you’re not entirely sure how you feel about it, it’s your special time with your partner and you’d like to be informed.
  3. Mentality Camp #3: You’re either an avid nudist / naturist or you’ve decided that you want to kick up the heat for this honeymoon or special trip!

For those in the first instance, worries are not to be had and you can continue your stay at Sandals and not know any better.

For those in the second camp, you’ll momentarily know precisely what you’d like to know.

…and for those squarely in the 3rd camp of confidence, possibilities exist.

Alright, let’s dig in.

In this post, I’ll briefly discuss all the aspects you want to know about nudity at Sandals Resorts. If you have any questions at the end, definitely let me know!

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Sandals Resort Topless: Acceptable?

Official Policy

Let’s start with the official policy, shall we?

While Sandals Resorts used to have a snippet about this in their website FAQ, this has disappeared when they consolidated this section for easier navigation.

Here’s what they’ve historically stated:

“Sandals does not promote or advertise clothing optional or topless sunbathing. In the event a guest chooses to participate in this activity in more remote areas, the management will intervene only if it becomes disruptive to other guests.”

However, having visited each of the destinations in the last 18 months, it is a question I often pose to resort management for their perspective.

Two things here:

  • You won’t find full nudity in any general public area of a Sandals resort – with one exception discussed below
  • Ladies being top free, however, is becoming more commonplace on the beach (worldwide, really), but not in the resort itself

When asked about topless acceptability, here’s a direct statement from the General Manager of one of the resorts in Jamaica:

“On the beaches, it generally isn’t an issue, but if someone complains the individual may be asked to cover up.”

When questioned further about how often someone complains, the response was:

“Rarely.” (Should have been “barely” haha!)

On the beaches at Sandals, I’ve seen people in all states of dress over the years and no one is caring – each person goes about their own business.

So, if you’re a lady looking to go topless on the beach during your honeymoon, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Similarly, if you’re someone who is uncomfortable with nudity altogether, you’re also unlikely to notice so should not be dissuaded from your stay.

An Official Sandals Resort Nude Beach

For those looking for something a bit more “official” or for those who want to make sure they are in a destination that allows them to go “au naturel”, there is actually an official Sandals offering!

Indeed, Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica has a stunning private island!

On this island you’ll find….yup, you guessed it: a private nude beach – just for Sandals guests!

While not incredibly large, this area is perfect for couples relaxation, nude suntanning, and skinny dipping.

The view from this island is absolutely incredible (no…I meant the scenic view, you…!) with the state-of-the art famous over-the-water bungalows towards the side.

In case you aren’t aware, Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Montego Bay have joint privileges, so if you find yourself staying at one, you’ll have endless access to all amenities and features of both!

Caribbean Islands Tolerance

At the time of this article, Sandals operates their premium all-inclusive resorts on 6 islands.

Because when you stay in a resort, you’ll have public beach connected or nearby, let’s take a look at nudity tolerance of these various destinations!

Although the Caribbean islands are fairly close together, culture and history plays a large part on tolerance, which gives each island their own set of rules/customs.


You might be surprised to learn that Jamaica’s tolerance for nudity varies depending on where you are.

While public nudity isn’t officially legal on the island, attitudes to “toplessness” are typically relaxed – particularly in Negril.

Of course, we mentioned above that you can find an official clothing-optional beach at Sandals Royal Caribbean – the Montego Bay area.

What about the other areas of the island?

In the Ocho Rios area where Sandals Ochi and Sandals Royal Plantation are located, your best bet is to find a private area in-resort or visit one of the private nude beaches nearby.

Perhaps one of the most popular things is for couples to buy a day pass to Couples San Souci in Ocho Rios; while I wouldn’t recommend staying there for your special trip (due to fewer inclusions), this is a great place for a day visit and they have a mandatory-nude beach which is extremely popular!

Of course, the most noteworthy mention is that of Negril.

Negril, Jamaica is known for their more…risque nature and you are likely to find more tolerance for everything in this destination.

In fact, the massively popular Sandals Negril is next door to the spicy Hedonism II resort, a completely clothing-optional resort which you can easily obtain a pass to visit.

The Seven Mile Beach where Sandals Negril is located is famous for topless sunbathing.

The Bahamas

In the Bahamas, public nudity is against the law, though will find the occasional topless bather.

While this might be one of the less sun-on-skin friendly destinations, Sandals Royal Bahamian also has a private island that is unofficially clothing-optional on the island’s back side.


In Antigua, you’ll find the famous Eden Beach at Hawksbill Bay – a nude beach with some free beach chairs and a mile of pristine sand!

Only a 20-minute taxi ride from the recent winner of the “Caribbean’s Most Romantic Resort”, Sandals Grande Antigua awaits with welcoming arms.

Saint Lucia

Nudity isn’t generally welcome in Saint Lucia, but my experience with the 3 Sandals Resorts there is that you’ll find top-free sunbathing somewhat commonplace.

The size of a resort like Grande St. Lucian or Regency La Toc gives way to great places for discreet suntanning and relaxation.


Similarly to the Bahamas, you won’t find much acceptance of nudity on this island.

If this is what you’re after and want to take advantage of the immense luxury Barbados offers, your best bet is a secluded area in-resort or on your balcony.


As all beaches in Grenada are public and the law doesn’t permit for nude sunbathing, you won’t find nude beaches here.

That said, I’ve seen ladies sunbathing at the beach on Sandals Grenada with no bikini tops who were not bothered by security or other visitors.

In-Resort Bun-Sunning

So, we’ve explored any available nude beaches and basic island tolerance to these things outside of the resort.

What about…acceptance inside the resort?

In case you’re just joining us, a quick reminder of the private beaches at Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Royal Bahamian, with the former having an official clothing-optional beach and the latter, unofficial.

Excluding the official beach and public beach where topless is acceptable (think the Seven Mile Beach at Negril), I can attest that Sandals aforementioned statements about discreet suntanning in-resort holds true.

Does this mean you can have uninhibited sex in the open at Sandals?

Nope, sorry to disappoint.

However, if you find a secluded spot in-resort and decide to somewhat strip off for relaxation, you are unlikely to have any interference unless you are obnoxious and draw a complaint. After all, a couples-only resort with a focus on creating romance and intimacy doesn’t tend to draw the most extreme prudes!

Those wanting to tan their buns in-resort will find that a few other options exist.

For example, your room category can make a large impact here!

Below are some sample exquisite suites where you can get some clothes-free sun in either a private or semi-private way.

Want to know any details about one of these pictures? Just drop a comment below or get in touch and we can chat.

In Conclusion

Understanding how variable the Caribbean’s tolerance is to the various states of undress, I hope this article has given you the information you need to be well-informed.

If you indeed landed on this blog looking for the resort where you can get your buns out the easiest, this will likely be on the island of Jamaica – either with the private nude beach over at Sandals Royal Caribbean or in Jamaica’s confidence capital of Negril!

I’ve recently visited each of these spectacular resorts, so if you have any questions, I’m at your service.

May a suntan be in your future! πŸ™‚