Sandals Emerald Bay Restaurant Menus

Calling all foodies…! Sandals Emerald Bay is one of (currently) 15 spectacular resorts spread across the mesmerizing Caribbean. If you’re after some information about restaurants, menus, times and other dining facts for this resort – you are definitely in the right place! Sure, you can get some basic dining facts over at the Sandals website, but I’m going to…

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The Newest Sandals Resort!

I come bearing tremendous news, my luxury travel-loving friends! I’m delighted to say that Sandals Resorts International has just announced their newest resort!!! Coming very soon, the 16th resort in the Caribbean’s Leading All Inclusive Resorts. Isn’t it beautiful?! This amazing couples-only resort will be a fully refurbished, remodeled, and “Sandalized” paradise at the former Santa Barbara Resort on…

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Sandals Resorts’ Best Deals

Sandals Resorts: How to find the best deals?! It’s no secret that a Sandals Resort is for a discerning individual that wants truly the best – and this includes the best deal. While it would be amazing to wave the magic wand and say “the best deal is 100% this,” there’s a bit more to it than that. Here,…

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