Terminology Help: What is different to the concierge service at Reliant Destinations versus the concierges at Club Sandals in resort?

If you are confused by terminology, we are happy to help!

Reliant Destinations:

We serve as your dedicated Sandals & Beaches Resorts concierge team, complimentary for you and funded by the resorts on your behalf! As YouTube’s #1 brand experts, our services stretch far and wide, starting with providing an unlimited plethora of value through the immense knowledge in our videos. The ultimate goal we have is to provide you with the best possible value and experience on your trip! Value goes well beyond the monetary realm; yes, you will always have the best deal through this service, but the value we want you to experience is through knowledge and expertise!

We can confidently say: no service entity on the globe knows more about Sandals & Beaches resorts than we do! Visiting each resort at least once per year, we have developed amazing friendships with staff at all levels in the resorts and corporate executive offices and curate the wealth of materials seen in our emails and this info hub for your exclusive benefit. From exclusive insider guides, to packing lists, client info hubs like this, unlimited email support and more, we are always here to help you have the trip of a lifetime!! 🙂

Sandals Club Sandals (Concierge) Tier:

At Sandals Resorts there are 3 tiers of service: Luxury (entry-level), Club Sandals (concierges), and Butler Elite. These service tiers are not to be confused with this service, as this goes with particular room types and is an in-resort benefit only, while our services are to help you prepare for and maximize your upcoming trip. You can learn more about Club Sandals concierge service here. For those of you with this benefit, we do not replace that benefit, but instead add extra value to your booking!