Accessibility & Elevators at Sandals & Beaches Resorts: Everything You Need To Know!

Can I visit Sandals Resorts if I’m disabled or have a hard time walking?

As the internet’s leading digital concierge service for Sandals & Beaches Resorts, this is a question I get asked…a lot! Truly, this is a very valid question. Though we live in a world that is more friendly to those with physical needs than ever before, we still live in a world that has some progress to be made!

I’m thrilled to inform you that if your heart is set on a beach sunset and delicious seafood in the Caribbean, there’s no need to let any physical challenges hinder a stay!

Of course, while all Sandals/Beaches resort staff will be eager to assist with any challenges, there is no secret that some resorts are simply more suited than others for those of us who need a little more assistance…or flatter surfaces! So, rest assured: we’ll cover that in fantastic detail in this blog!

Elevators at Sandals Resorts

Here in a moment we will get down to the topic of accessibility within rooms and amenities like restaurants, but for now, let’s discuss elevators! When you have an elevator, for many people reading this post, this automatically opens up more possibilities!

If you’d like a nice PDF map for any of the following, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! If you haven’t booked yet, we’d also love to help you get the best deal and best service!

Here is the summary you’ll want to know:

Elevators at Sandals Grande Antigua

(SAT Brochure)

  • Cypress Tower
  • Almond Building
  • All Buildings in Mediterranean Oceanview Village

Elevators at Sandals Montego Bay

(SMB Brochure)

  • Almonds Building (only between ground and 3rd floor – 2nd floor is stairs only)
  • Palms Building
  • Poinciana Building (Cottage 6)
  • Seagrapes Building
  • Hibiscus Building (Cottage 18)

Elevators at Sandals Royal Caribbean

(SRC Brochure)

  • Sandingham Building
  • Edinburgh Building
  • Clarence Building
  • Highgrove Building

Elevators at Sandals Negril

(SNG Brochure)

  • Coconut Cove (Caribbean Beach Front Village)
  • Bamboo Grove Buildings (Caribbean Beach Front Village)
  • Crystal Lagoon Beach Front Village

Elevators at Sandals South Coast

(SSC/SWH Brochure)

  • Italian Village
  • Dutch Village
  • French Village

Elevators at Sandals Ochi

(SGO Brochure)

  • Riviera Beachfront Tower
  • Ginger Lily Building (Bamboo Grove)

Elevators at Sandals Royal Plantation

(SRP Brochure)

  • West Wing of Resort Only (no beach access)

Elevators at Sandals Grenada

(SLS Brochure)

  • Pink Gin Village – both buildings
  • Italian Village

Elevators at Sandals Barbados & Sandals Royal Barbados

(SBR Brochure / SBD Brochure)

  • All buildings in both resorts have elevators, excluding single-floor rooms/villas

Elevators at Sandals Royal Bahamian

(SRB Brochure)

  • East Bay Building (x2)
  • West Bay Building (x2)

Elevators at Sandals Emerald Bay

(SEB Brochure)

  • Beach House Buildings 1-7

Elevators at Sandals Grande St. Lucian

(SGL Brochure)

  • Masada Building (Swim Up Village)
  • Cap Estate Building (Caribbean Village)
  • Main Lobby

Elevators at Sandals Halcyon

(SHC Brochure)

  • Sandals Halcyon does not have any elevators, but does many many ground floor units and flat access.

Elevators at Sandals Regency La Toc

(SLU Brochure)

  • Soufriere Building (Emerald Village / Building 4)
  • Coubaril Building (Sunset Oceanview Bluff Village / Building 9)

Elevators at Sandals Royal Curacao

(SCR Brochure)

  • Carisia Building (Zones 2, 9, and 12)
  • Subi Building (Zone 13)


Elevators at Beaches Resorts

Elevators at Beaches Turks & Caicos

(BTC Brochure)

  • Elevators In Most Villages
    • East Wing (Caribbean Village)
    • West Wing (Caribbean Village)
    • Main Lobby (French Village)
    • San Marino/Pisa Building (Italian Village)
    • Positano Building (Italian Village)
    • Pompeii Building (Italian Village)
    • Veranda House (Only – Key West Village)
  • No Elevators in G1, S1, or LV1 categories in Seaside Village
  • Two-Story French Village block is stairs only
  • All Key West Village Villas are stairs only

Elevators at Beaches Negril

(BNG Brochure)

  • Beaches Negril does not have guest-accessible elevators in the resort.

Elevators at Beaches Ocho Rios

(BBO Brochure)

  • Caribbean Village
  • Greek Village

If you prefer to download a PDF with all the elevator information above, we have made this available for you! Our pleasure!

Sandals Accessibility: Resort Thoughts

With each Sandals Resort being so very different and unique, it is important to consider the nuances of a given resort. Between geographical / topographical differences on islands to a particular property layout, these are all important things to consider!

Below I’ve extrapolated on some things worth knowing about each resort’s particularities. Do note that many of these items will be special requests; a service like mine is not only complimentary, but also know the executive management at each resort dearly and can make priority requests on your behalf!

Here are my general thoughts on each resort’s accessibility:

Sandals Montego Bay

  • SMB is a fairly accessible resort as a mostly-flat property. This resort is not massive, but also not the smallest – a good middle size. With decent elevator access, that is a great starting point! Considering restaurants, all restaurants are accessible except for Cucina Romana. The resort also features 2 rooms that are adapted exclusively for adaptability purposes and wheelchairs can be pre-requested (both standard and beach chair). There are also many ground-floor units, though not all are wide enough for wheelchairs.
  • Ease Of Access Rating: 9/10

Sandals Royal Caribbean

  • As the sister resort of Sandals Montego Bay, these resorts share stay and play privileges and also features similarly flat topography. There are also 2 designated, adapted rooms with wide doors; you can also find plenty of ground-floor rooms across luxury tiers. Wheelchairs are also available and should be pre-requested. This resort has 6 restaurants that wheelchairs can comfortable enter, to include my favorites of Le Jardinier and Mariner’s Beach Grill! Ramps abound in the resort. Access to the private island depends on a guest’s ability to get in/out of a docked boat.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 9/10

Sandals Ochi

  • Though the entry-tier resort, it also happens to be the largest in the brand. The size of the resort and elevated hills can be more challenging for guests who have difficulties with stairs or wheelchair users. Room doors are not wide enough for wheelchairs to enter unfolded, but resort management can provide ramps to allow access to some villa rooms, using double patio doors. The resort is able to provide a bath bench and handheld shower, as needed. Wheelchairs can be pre-requested, subject to availability. Out of the 16 restaurants, only Vista Gourmet/Sky and Reef terrace will be easy for wheelchairs.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 2/10

Sandals Royal Plantation

  • This is a tiny, intimate resort set along a cliff-of-sorts. Le Terrace is the only accessible restaurant, but there are two rooms that can fit wheelchairs and have bathtubs with handrails. There is an elevator in the West Wing, but there are steps everywhere and only steps to the beach.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 1/10

Sandals South Coast

  • South Coast is a good choice for accessibility, having an accessible beach and regular/beach wheelchairs that can be requested. Most room doors are wide enough for wheelchairs and if you refer to my elevator document above, it is easy to access over half of rooms. The resort can accommodate a shower bench and a shower head that extend. Perhaps best of all – there are no restaurants that pose a challenge to access!
  • Ease of Access Rating: 9/10

Sandals Negril

  • SNG is found along the famous 7-mile beach and is a very narrow, but wide resort. This resort is pretty much all flat with well-paved paths everywhere. Motorized scooters can be rented in advance for this location and there are some standard/beach wheelchairs on-site which can be pre-requested. All restaurants can be accessed, though Kimono’s has just the tiniest half-inch bump at the door – an easy one! In terms of rooms, 6 have been converted with built-in ramps and other adaptable items.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 9/10

Sandals Emerald Bay

  • This resort features a stunning beach, so I’m glad to be able to say that it is accessible and the resort has one beach wheelchair to help with this. All 11 of the restaurants are considered easily accessed. Two rooms, WOJ and OJ, have been adapted. Overall, a fairly simple option!
  • Ease of Access Rating: 8/10

Sandals Royal Bahamian

  • While the offshore island beach can only be accessed by those who are able to get in/out of the boat, the primary beach is easily accessed and there is a ramp that meets it well. Only 2 restaurants pose challenges. With the recent renovation, there are more ramps than ever and bathrooms feature rails, plus 5 rooms with extra wide doors – 4 of these with speciality shower stalls. Elevators abound in this resort!
  • Ease of Access Rating: 8/10

Sandals Grande Antigua

  • This is a layered resort with a few topographical changes, but overall is mostly flat! Both standard and beach wheelchairs can be pre-requested and 7 restaurants are ready for easy access. 2 rooms have adapted features, both in the bath and regarding door width.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 7/10

Sandals Barbados / Sandals Royal Barbados

  • These two resorts sit as a singular complex, meaning no need to get in and out of transfers between! Each side of the resort has 3 adapted rooms with bathroom features. The beach and most restaurants are accessible, including my favorite: Butch’s Chophouse! Yum! Both beach and resort wheelchairs can be pre-requested and overall, this is a pretty good option for those with physical needs!
  • Ease of Access Rating: 9/10

Sandals Grenada

  • Though this resort sits at the top rankings of Sandals, it does pose some moderate incline challenges. The Pink Gin Village has 2 elevators, but it is slightly hilly, needing someone dedicated to help push. The beach is flat and can easily be accessed. Many of the main area’s rooms are also flat or can be elevator-accessed. Around half of dining options are available.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 5/10

Sandals Halcyon Beach

  • This resort is very small, which offers a distinct advantage to those who want to walk small spaces or need to wheelchair around a smaller property. The beach has a special walkway near the water sport desk and dedicated resort/beach wheelchairs can be pre-requested. Two rooms here have been adapted and can fit wheelchairs through the door’s width.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 8/10

Sandals Regency La Toc

  • Unlike it’s sister resort above, SLU is a sizable cliffside resort. It has numerous inclines and will pose challenges with mobility-limited guests. There are ground floor rooms available. Restaurants are not generally accessible at this resort via wheelchair. The beach can be accessed via a walkway but the route there can be challenging.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 3/10

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

  • While a few buildings are accessible by elevator and the beach can be accessed, there are probably better resorts for wheelchair users.  There are various inclines and bridges which can pose a distinct wheelchair challenge. Most restaurants can be accessed and a single wheelchair remains on hand in the resort.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 5/10

Sandals Royal Curacao

  • This brand-new Sandals resort is what I would call “mid-rang accessible.” There are 3 guest elevators which can access a fair number of rooms and some wheelchairs that can be pre-requested. The resort allows for motorized scooter deliveries, though this must be arranged by the guest. For dining, 8 options can be quickly accessed. There have been 7 rooms ADA adapted with accessible showers and there are 3 ADA bathrooms in the resort’s general areas.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 6/10

For a detailed accessibility guide across all Sandals & Beaches Resorts, this can be downloaded here


Beaches Accessibility: Resort Thoughts

As a family all-inclusive resort brand, Beaches Resorts has striven to accommodate wherever possible!

Beaches Turks & Caicos

  • This massive family resort is completely wheelchair-accessible and has special access to the beach, with ramps available throughout the resort. There are a few wheelchairs which can be pre-requested and the resort can help arrange a motorized scooter rental – my recommendation for a resort this size! 4 rooms have been specially-adapted with some amenities lowered as well. With the exception of Sky (rooftop restaurant), all other restaurants can be accessed.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 10/10

Beaches Negril

  • There are no elevators in this resort, but there are a good number of ground-floor units and ramps throughout. The beach is accessible and both resort/beach wheelchairs can be pre-requested. A total of 8 rooms have been specially-adapted and most restaurants can be accessed easily.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 9/10

Beaches Ocho Rios

  • This is a smaller family resort in Jamaica which is moderately accessible. There are some areas that are challenging with a wheelchair, but there are also many ramps in resort. Only 3 restaurants can be accessed with wheelchairs, however. 2 rooms have had modifications.
  • Ease of Access Rating: 5/10

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, there are many stellar options for mobility-impaired individuals, as well as a few that are more challenging. However, with this information at your disposal, you can now make an educated choice on the best experience for you!

My team and I are always excited to assist and know the ins-and-outs of these properties intimately. If I can be of assistance at anytime, I invite you to reach out using one of the links below! For those who haven’t booked yet (or even if you booked online/phone in the last 14 days), I’d love to share how I can help maximize all elements of your trip!

Thanks again for stopping by!