Sandals Honeymoon Cost

How much should I budget for a honeymoon at Sandals?

Budgeting….ughh! We all hate even thinking about this word, right?!

However, unless we happen to have an endless stream of money in our lives, we all operate within some sort of financial constraints.

For a special occasion like a honeymoon, though, this is not the time to go cheap! For the experience which we all remember for many chapters of life to come, we want to ensure we end up with the experience, for which we have dreamed. With all the things in life, this probably isn’t the one we want to have someone tell us upon return: “Well….you got what you paid for!”

In this blog today, let’s have a little look at some factors to consider when examining a honeymoon at Sandals Resorts. At this moment, we have helped thousands of guests have dreamy honeymoons, but it usually starts with consideration of a few of the below items.

Discounted Sandals Vacation: Run for the Hills!

When booking your vacation, it is important to know that Sandals has strict pricing control; this means that no one is allowed to sell Sandals for cheaper than what is offered on So, if you ever come across a Sandals vacation being sold for less than their website, run! You can guarantee the seller is either misinformed or it is a scam, and either way, it will likely result in you unnecessarily paying more.

This is not the only reason to be aware of Sandals’ uniform pricing, however. Since you will be paying Sandals’ set price regardless of how you book your vacation, it is to your benefit to book with an expert like Reliant Destinations to ensure you get the most out of your Sandals experience!

Sandals is a company that focuses on value and service above all else. This in itself is a big reason why Sandals has grown to be the top all-inclusive adult resort brand in the world. Sandals’ goal is not to attract a clientele searching for the cheapest vacation they can find; rather, it is to go above and beyond to create the best experience possible for all who vacation with them.

It is much more than just a room with included food and drinks; it truly is an all-inclusive vacation experience from beginning to end. The beginning being the option to book with an expert at no additional charge, and the end being an included shuttle service from the resort to the airport after your perfect stay.

Resort Price Points: A Worthy Consideration

Across the seventeen Sandals resorts, prices vary according to the location, amenities offered, and how new or recently updated the resort is. Each resort is different than the next, offering its own unique “vibe.” Below I dive into these unique vibes across the different resorts, but for now it is important you understand how these differences can affect various resort prices.

As Sandals has been opening resorts since 1981, some locations have more traditional room styles, while others have brand new, sleek and modern suites. These different room qualities can be a significant factor in price. If you’re looking to stay at one of Sandals’ more contemporary, modern suites, be sure you budget accordingly!

Amenities also play a large role in price. Resorts with more restaurants, watersports, and activities overall will likewise carry a higher price tag. However, this is not say that an activity-filled Sandals experience is out of reach while on a tighter budget. Even Sandals’ most cost-friendly resorts offer pristine beaches, fine dining, and a variety of great vacation experiences.

Service Fit for a King or Queen: Decide Your Style

Sandals has 3 tiers of service at each resort: Luxury, Club, and Butler. Sandals’ entry-level rooms are in the Luxury tier, while their most high-end suites are Butler Elite.

Luxury level rooms include your normal all-inclusive accommodations plus a little extra. All food, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is high-quality and prepared by premier chefs. Unlimited drinks are made with premium liquors. A wide array of watersports and land activities are included to create a fun-filled stay. Even more, your tips, taxes, and airport transfers are all covered upfront.

Club level rooms include everything offered in the Luxury tier but provide even greater service. Staying in a Club room grants you access to the exceptional Club Sandals lounge which offers a speedy check-in, a warm welcome, and a concierge escort to your room. Plus, lounge access is available 24 hours a day where Club Sandals staff is ready to assist you in various ways and in-room dining is offered all-day.

Butler level rooms include the highest level of service. If you choose a room in this tier, you will have Guild of Professionals trained butlers at your service for most of the day, in addition to 24-hour room service. Sandals butlers provide personal assistance in organizing your reservations, room accommodations, and any other vacation preferences. They are a joyous presence guaranteed to make your stay absolutely perfect. Butler level rooms also include some extra activities, like a weekly cocktail party exclusive for Butler guests. Your room includes welcome cocktails, culinary treats, and a fully stocked bar of premium liquors.

Insurance: An Unfortunate Necessity

We have all learned over the past couple of years how truly unpredictable travel can be. From global pandemics to Caribbean hurricanes, you never know what might spring up and alter your honeymoon plans. Although buying insurance may not add any value to your honeymoon, it certainly is a good idea to have a backup plan in place in case something goes wrong.

If you end up meeting Murphy, the last thing you’d ever want to happen is to lose your hard-earned/saved honeymoon fund! Should tragedy happen to strike, you want to make sure your investment in your experience and each other is protected!

Accordingly, booking travel insurance on your trip is a necessity and we cannot recommend it highly enough! With Sandals, there are a few options. First, you can book Sandals’ 3rd party insurance with their affiliate partner, TripMate. This, at the time of this article, costs $228. However, we typically recommend a higher-coverage policy with more robust coverage on all angles of travel (air, bags, transfers, illness before the trip, medical on site, etc). We have really enjoyed our relationship with RoamRight thus far, and in particular, how well they have cared for our guests during the recent pandemic!

Enhancements: The Extra Bits

When planning your honeymoon, be sure to think about the many upgrades you can make to your vacation. While it is a truly all-inclusive experience that you can properly enjoy without extra cost, many like to add a few special features for an occasion like a honeymoon. The choice is yours!

A stay at any Sandals resort can be enhanced with upgrades like a private luxury transfer from the airport, a candlelit dinner on the beach, a local tour or excursion, or a romantic couples massage at the Red Lane Spa.

Another thing that is worth your time: Sandals offers a free, easy to sign up for, Honeymoon package to anyone traveling within a month of their wedding. With it, you will receive a bottle of sparkling wine upon arrival, romantic turndown service on your first night, and breakfast-in-bed any morning you choose. When you reach out to us to complimentarily plan your perfect honeymoon, make sure to ask about this benefit for more information!

How do I get the best price for my Sandals honeymoon?

We already discussed Sandals’ strict price control, however, this does not mean you cannot vacation on a budget. There are many variables that can play into the price of your honeymoon and they are all important to consider when planning your trip.

Consider the Season: Are You Flexible?

Sandals prices can vary by season, so it is important to consider your honeymoon dates. Holiday weeks or weekends are a common time to want to travel, however, that almost guarantees you will be paying an inflated rate. If you want to get the best price for your stay, avoiding holidays is a good place to start. For example, the month of December is Sandals’ busiest time of year because of the holiday season, so honeymooners on a budget should look to other months on the calendar.

Fall is often a good time to book when looking for greater cost efficiency because it is during the school year and travel tends to be a bit slower than in the summer or during the holidays. Also, fall is hurricane season which naturally can dissuade people from Caribbean travel (see the section on insurance above!). This lower rate of travel can make for a less costly honeymoon.

While we can never promise a particular weather (as much as we wish we could), what we can say is that autumn is actually many of our clients favorite times to visit! From lobster being in season to cooler weather and less occupancy, there is tons to love…including the cheaper price point! In fact, we just returned from both Saint Lucia and the Bahamas this October and really enjoyed every minute, with probably only a half day or rain across nearly 2 weeks of travel! Yes, most Caribbean islands still get 8+ hours of sunshine, even in the rainy season.

So, should you be frightened off by some potential “liquid sunshine?” We certainly can’t make that call for you, but if you are looking for the best value overall, it is worth considering!

Duration vs. Upgrades

When planning a honeymoon at Sandals it is important to determine what you care about before you book! The same budget could book you 3 nights in one of the nicest Butler suites or 10 nights in the simplest Luxury suite. Do you care more about having the nicest room possible? Do you want to have the longest honeymoon stay you can? Or do you want something in between? These factors can play heavily into your honeymoon budget.

Air: Necessary Chaos

Do you have an airline of choice? Some of you may be members with a certain airline to earn frequent flier miles or just out of preference, while others just want to book the least expensive flights possible. There are many airlines that fly to all 7 Sandals islands.

Are you planning on flying first class? Or business class? Or economy?

Like the different room tiers and activities offered by Sandals, your airline and seat of choice are budgetary considerations to keep in mind when planning and booking your honeymoon. If you’re on a budget, basic economy seats are an obvious money saver, but flying standard economy coach may be a good decision – for the mere fact that it allows the flexibility people may need for flights. Of course, if you’re able to splurge, flying business/first class can be an added luxury to your special trip.

Also, like Sandals pricing varies according to seasons and holidays, flight costs do too. If you’re traveling over a holiday or even just on the weekend, this can increase the price of your tickets.

Another variable that will come into play when determining the price of your airfare is which island you are traveling to. Sandals has resorts spread across the Caribbean and some islands are more expensive to travel to than others. The Bahamas is the closest Caribbean island to America featuring Sandals resorts, so this will often be one of the cheaper countries to fly to. Grenada is significantly further south, which commonly makes flights more expensive.

The only thing I can recommend for all, is you should book directly with an airline, rather than through Sandals or an agency.  This guarantees you have the best price possible and eliminates any 3rd party policies. Not to mention, airlines tend to prioritize service for their direct bookings.

Advanced Planning = Maximum Choice

Booking trips in advance is always a good idea, especially when booking with Sandals Resorts. Sandals is a well-loved brand, so availability at resorts can often be limited, particularly for closer dates. The further out you book, the more availability any resort will have. Even better than that, the further out you book, the higher chance you have of getting a deal on your desired room. Sandals allows for price adjustments if a deal comes up on your room after you have already booked. This means you can book a room two years in advance and if a deal comes up a year later, you will still have the opportunity to take advantage of that deal. However, if you wait to book your dream room hoping for a better deal, it might sell out.

Choosing the best Sandals Resort for my honeymoon!

Forget About Others: What is Important to You?

It is important to know what you and your fiancé are looking for in this special honeymoon experience! If you’re a go-big-or-go-home kind of vacationer, then you need to be willing to spend a bit more. Sandals Royal Barbados or Sandals Grande St. Lucian may be some great options for you! These resorts have new and beautifully modern suites, more restaurants, activities, and watersports options. With all of these increased inclusions, however, these resorts are on the higher end of Sandals’ price offerings.

If you’re looking for a smaller, more private and intimate resort, Sandals Royal Plantation or Sandals Halcyon Beach may be the resort for you, and these tend to fall in the middle price range. If you want a more affordable Sandals experience, there are still resort options for you! No matter your budget, book what is best for you, not what your in-laws or anyone else may insist.

Resort Vibes: Let’s Talk

As discussed above, every resort has its own unique atmosphere dependent upon its size, amenities, activities, and newness. When considering which resort to book for your honeymoon, I recommend booking the resort with the environment or “vibe” that’s best for you, while considering your budget.

Many people choose their location exclusively based on their price points, however, each resort vibe can significantly change your experience, so this is important to keep in mind. Now, let’s talk about what elements of Sandals Resorts that make up the varying vibes:

Most Amenities
Sandals Barbados and Royal Barbados are essentially one giant resort. For some, it may be larger than they would like, but for many others, this means they have access to more! This resort has twice the restaurants and tons of extra inclusions! In fact, guests at these two resorts have more overall amenities than at any other Sandals. The vibe of this resort is large, fun, and shall I say active?

Coolest Suites
One of Sandals’ more modern resorts is Sandals Grenada. A wonderful thing about this resort being so new is the quality of the freshly designed rooms that include features like their famous SkyPools. These infinity-edge plunge pools create a romantic atmosphere with the most incredible views. Grenada also has stunning newly designed Rondovals and an incredible variety of swim-up suites.

Modern & Hip
As Sandals’ newest resort, Royal Curacao offers the most updated and modern vibes of all the Sandals resorts. With all new restaurants, brand new suite styles, and the Caribbean’s first-ever double-infinity pool, this resort is very hip and modern, to say the least. Everything seems to be bigger and better at this stunning new resort!

Lively & Young
Sandals’ two most young and lively resorts are Ochi and Montego Bay. Ochi is an upbeat and fun resort to visit on a tighter budget, while Montego Bay is lively but has nicer suites and amenities and is a fan favorite to many!

Classical Luxury
If you’re looking for traditional luxury, great service, and an intimate feel, Royal Plantation is the place for you! At this Butler suites only resort, you are guaranteed to receive the best service possible at a lower cost. As this resort is the smallest Sandals resort, it provides a very intimate vibe for you and your brand-new spouse!

Hidden Tranquility
Another intimate Sandals resort is Halcyon Beach. This small resort is known for its beautiful gardens and luscious scenery with a vibe of hidden tranquility. With fewer amenities and restaurants, this tranquil beauty is also affordable.  A great feature of this resort is the guests’ ability to access Sandals Grande St. Lucian and Sandals Regency La Toc. These two neighboring resorts provide fun activities for guests looking for a more lively experience at any point during their stay.

For the Adventurous
Sandals Regency La Toc is a gorgeous cliffside village resort that is perfect for the adventurous traveler. It features hilltop views of the Caribbean you cannot get at any other Sandals resort. Located on the exciting island of St. Lucia, you have endless excursions and exploration options for those seeking fun new experiences.

Endless Beach
If you’re looking for incredible beaches to lounge on endlessly, Sandals has a couple of options for you. Every single suite in Sandals Negril is situated along the famous 7 Mile Beach. This resort is beach-focused and offers a very relaxing vibe. Secondly, there are the stunning beaches and ocean at Sandals Emerald Bay. This resort is less beach oriented than Negril, with a few additional activities offered including golf. However, due to the more traditional style rooms, you can often find a lower price point here, while still getting absolutely stunning beaches.

A Helping Hand: Sandals & Beaches #1 Digital Experts

Now, the question remains: do you want to tackle this experience alone, or would you like to have Sandals’ top digital service partner walk with you in preparing for this experience? What if it cost you nothing extra?!

Yes, we are thrilled to continue to be able to offer this experience at to charge to our clients; with entirely complimentary concierge-style expert services (funded by Sandals on your behalf), this allow you to ensure that you are prepared to maximize your stay and capture the best available value!

In terms of booking, we also have a video for you about the various ways you can book your trip and which might be the best for you:

A Final Thought: But…How Much Exactly?!

For those who have read all the nuances about honeymoons above, but are still looking for a direct number…let’s see what we can do!

First, it is important to note that the cost of a honeymoon, as explained above, varies greatly between resorts, seasons, service types, etc. However, if you are looking for an average, we are happy to oblige!

Excluding air, the average honeymoon couple at Sandals Resorts, in 2022, spent $7,500 on their honeymoon – predominantly in Club Sandals & Butler Elite type suites.

Did some come out cheaper? Of course! Did some spend a multiple of this? Most definitely. However, hopefully this gives you an idea as to the generic figures and things to consider as you start planning this exciting experience!

Are you ready to have a further chat to find the perfect, best-value experience for you both?

We are certainly ready! You are welcome to get in touch with us anytime and it would be a delight to assist!

Thanks again for stopping by – we hope to cross paths with you in resort sometime!! 🙂