Dietary Requirements & Food Allergies at Sandals & Beaches Resorts: Everything You Need to Know

The Dietary Struggle

Many of you here today already know how stressful it can be to travel with strong preferences and/or restrictions in your diet. As great as food is, the thought of eating in a new and unfamiliar place may cloud your worries before any vacation. Well.. you’re not alone! According to Statista, over 40% of Americans have some sort of dietary restrictions or guidelines today; Sandals has indeed equipped themselves to care for these needs! 

I’m Morgan, Executive Assistant to Addison – Mr TraveLux of Reliant Destinations. As a decade long vegetarian, my number one stress when it comes to travel is the worry of soon-to-be unknown food options. In my everyday life, I have development routines and habits around my diet, and being separated from those is not always easy. But, I am here to reassure you that Sandals could not make it any easier to travel with these restrictions. 

If you are reading this blog, you might be someone generally interested in how food restrictions and requirements work at Sandals; however, my instinct is that it is more likely that you are someone like me – a conscious individual with either personal, religious, or health dietary requirements, who desires to not miss out on an amazing experience, just because of our needs. 

Sandals Dietary Accommodations Overview

The Approach: Sandals Global Gourmet Dining

Food. Ughh. Who would ever have thought that something so delightful and tasty can be simultaneously frustrating? 

As someone who is often frustrated by the nuances of food in my daily world, being at Sandals is always a refreshing opportunity – a moment to sit-back and relax, knowing that my food is being prepared with care. Oh, and did I mention that Sandals predominantly uses local, fresh ingredients? That’s a winner for me! 

Sometimes visuals do better than words; here’s a little about dining at Sandals:

When I first learned of Sandals’ Global Gourmet Dining program (the trademarked term for the quality foodie program), I was excited, but also somewhat skeptical. Understandably so, right? These things are often hyped up, is the reality the same? 

I’m pleased to say that I have put this to the test and have, thus far, been very pleased at every corner! 

The Culinary Concierge Desk: Helpful Guidance

One of the best decisions that Sandals & Beaches Resorts ever made, in my opinion, is that of the Culinary Concierge Desk!

Found in every resort, this desk is manned by a trained food concierge, who is able to assist on multiple fronts. For example, if you want to have someone with an open ear and understanding to listen to your dietary needs, this is definitely someone you’d love to speak with. Perhaps you’d like some direct recommendations on the best places to dine based on your style and dietary needs? They have you covered. 

Typically, these concierges also keep a selection of menus from all the resorts real-time, live menus on-hand. This allows you to browse the selections, asking questions as you go and determining which dining opportunities might be the best for you! 

For all of our clients at Reliant Destinations, we give each guest a detailed, exclusive insider guide prior to their stay. While menus change, we are able to offer a sample menu for each restaurant in any given resort – allowing you to view these and come prepared with a general idea of which might be the best for you! When you arrive, the culinary concierge desk can take you from there – giving you the real-time information you’ll certainly desire. 

Service Tier Culinary Benefits

While you can certainly have a great time at Sandals or Beaches Resorts in any room category, I can definitely attest that if you are able to have a room at the Club Sandals (or Concierge for Beaches Resorts) tier or higher, this can be a game-changer on the food front. If you are able to extend for a butler, even much more so!

Why, you might ask? Allow me a moment to delve further into this with you. 

See, in the resorts, the Club Sandals concierges are able to assist on a few fronts. First, you get priority dining reservations. So, if you have fewer or more select places you wish to dine, this is automatically an advantage for you! Moreover, rooms at this tier and higher receive in-suite room service and have their own dedicated menus – each clearly listed with ingredients. They would also be delighted to liaise with the culinary concierge team and chefs on your behalf! 

Moving up to the most prestigious tier at Sandals…the Butler Elite! For any of you who have had the pleasure of having a butler at a resort before, well, let’s just say that it can be an experience to remember! Butlers are able to go above and beyond: 24-hour room service, special in-suite menus just for guests in these suites, and even the ability to set up special romantic dinners on the balconies or in-suite…from any restaurant in the resort! 

Handling Dietary Restrictions at Sandals

There is an endless variety of dietary restrictions people have. From a simple gluten sensitivity to raw veganism and dozens in-between, Sandals has hosted guests with them all. 

Food Allergies, Intolerances, & Selectiveness

For some, traveling with dietary restrictions isn’t just stressful, but it’s dangerous. If you’re someone with a severe allergy (perhaps even an airborne allergy like to peanuts), this is an everyday stress you may be used to dealing with, but it is only natural for your stress to grow while traveling abroad. Another very common severe allergy many people have is to shellfish, which can be extra worrisome when traveling to the beach where people are constantly eating seafood.

Well, I am happy to inform you that even with allergies this severe, Sandals is able to help! You don’t have to have a cloud of fear when dining in resort. As mentioned earlier, I would strongly suggest people with allergies this severe to take advantage of the Culinary Concierge desk. 

However, for the bulk of Sandals guests with food allergies, you might not even need the Culinary Concierge desk to assist. If you have a sensitivity or minor allergy, each individual restaurant at Sandals is prepared to accommodate for this. When your waiter or waitress comes to serve you, their first question will always be if anyone at the table has any food allergies or restrictions. At this time, any issues you may have will be taken care of by your server so you can enjoy a worry-free meal!

Vegetarianism & Veganism at Sandals

Over the last few decades, the number of people who have adopted a vegetarian or vegan diet has increased tremendously. With this shift, the menus at Sandals have also shifted to represent a larger selection for this population. No matter what Sandals resort, or what restaurant you go to, there will always be a variety of options on the menu available for any and all vegetarian and vegans.

If, by chance, none of these options look appealing to you, do not fret. You always have the option to ask the chef to make you something special. At this time, the head chef will likely come ask you a few questions about your preferences, and then hand-create a wonderful dish just for you! 

In my experience, requesting a special meal from the chef has led to some of the most incredible dinners I have ever had. The chef at each high-end restaurant has studied and trained in the country or even region (s)he is now cooking for, so you can receive a local, unique dish like never before. 

Personally, however, I rarely see a need for this because the options preselected for each menu are always phenomenal and have never disappointed me. Plus, there is always the option of ordering more than one dish and sampling some of the menu. 

Religious Dietary Needs: Can Sandals Assist? 

Absolutely, Sandals is here to support and assist your religious dietary needs in any way possible. We have had many clients have a wonderful experience dining in resort, no matter the restriction. Staff and chefs have the highest of respect for any belief and are always willing to accommodate what you may need. 

From guests who do not eat cow, or drink alcohol, to the ones who eat kosher or vegetarian, Sandals has seen it all and are equipped and ready to help serve you as best as they possibly can. Your only responsibility is informing the staff of your restrictions and/or beliefs, and they will take care of everything, to the very best of their capabilities. 

Health Consciousness

If you live a health conscious lifestyle in your day-to-day life, then it makes perfect sense you might want to carry this lifestyle into your vacation. I am happy to inform you that dining at Sandals for every meal for an extended period of time does not mean you have to give up your normal diet. 

Heart & Sol at Sandals Royal Barbados

From high protein options, to low calorie options, no matter what “health conscious” means for you, Sandals is prepared. At any given resort, you will find a variety of healthy options. Menus have selected dishes for the health conscious eaters. Some resorts even have entire restaurants devoted to this crowd; like Heart & Sol, the juice bar and deli located at Sandals Royal Barbados. 

A Final Thought

In this very busy and diverse world, it is truly wonderful that a brand like Sandals & Beaches Resorts are able to cater to such an array of culinary needs. As YouTube’s #1 Sandals & Beaches Experts and one of the top digital service providers for Sandals on the globe, it is always a delight to help our clients along their travel journey. From insider tips and advice to liaising with special requests departments, we are always there to assist. 

If you are thinking to book your perfect trip to tropical paradise (or did so in the last 14 days over the phone / online), make sure to get in touch – we’d love to chat!