Should I take out private travel insurance?

We do recommend that all bookings have comprehensive travel insurance prior to travel. Bookings booked before the end of June 2022 and that  travel before December 31, 2022 have a basic travel protection plan included for free as standard. We do not consider this to be a comprehensive travel insurance plan, so recommend further insurance as standard. If you…

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Is it safe to wander around nearby areas or explore the island?

It is always worth remembering that these stunning Caribbean islands are still developing countries and as such, crime can be very prevalent in various locations on any given island. There are many safe ways to experience these islands and I have never had a client have issues, but I always recommend an abundance of caution. Unless someone has spoken…

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If I have any concerns while in the resort, what should I do?

Never fear and the #1 thing to remember is that there are very few issues that cannot be solved. Also, a friendly reminder that the Caribbean operates on “island time” – a relaxed approach to life. You can do 2 things: In the Sandals/Beaches app, you get access to a button in this app called “LOOP” – only available…

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