Should I take out private travel insurance?

We do recommend that all bookings have comprehensive travel insurance prior to travel.

Bookings booked before the end of June 2022 and that  travel before December 31, 2022 have a basic travel protection plan included for free as standard. We do not consider this to be a comprehensive travel insurance plan, so recommend further insurance as standard.

If you would like Sandals’ comprehensive insurance plan through TripMate, this is $114 per person as of the last update of this FAQ (March 2022). This can be added after a deposit by letting me know at any time.

However, due to less-than-stellar service reviews on this insurance policy, however affordable, we are currently recommending RoamRight comprehensive insurance instead, who have delivered the most superior service and benefits to our clients throughout the pandemic. This insurance policy tends to be more expensive than TripMate above, but is also more comprehensive and covers baggage and airline issues, etc.

It is always better to have some insurance than none, so these are just some professional opinion recommendations above!

As I am not a licensed insurance broker, I cannot discuss plans further, but can just recommend some plan names above to further explore.

Some travel credit card holders might check to ensure you don’t have any travel insurance on that card as well.