Sandals Barbados Resort Map

Sandals Barbados Resort Map

So, you’re looking for a map of the gorgeous Sandals Barbados.

You’re in the right place!

I’m not only going to get that map in your hands, but also provide you with some hidden secrets, tricks, and tips to maximize your stay!

2-In-1 Resort

You may or may not be aware of the most important thing to know about a stay at Sandals in Barbados: Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados share the same premises!

Yes, both of these premium all-inclusive resorts are not only located in the same city, but on the same beach!

Here’s your long story short:

Sandals Barbados has been a powerhouse of the Sandals Brand for some years, but Sandals recently kicked it up a notch.

In early 2018 Sandals finally opened their coveted Sandals Royal Barbados – a stunning luxury resort, only separated from Sandals Barbados by a boardwalk.

Even better, guests staying in one have unlimited access to both resorts.

As such, you might have been looking for a resort map of one, but you actually need a map of both.

Not a worry – I’ve got you covered!

P.S. – Don’t miss the tips & tricks towards the bottom. 🙂

Sandals Barbados Map

First, here’s a picture of the layout of the stunning Sandals Barbados; this high-quality picture gives you a great idea as the sizing and nature of this resort.

Want to see something’s precise location?

Below is a labeled map for you; apologies on the quality as this was the best scan-in available at the time.

(You can hit “control and +” to enlarge on a PC or two fingers to zoom on a smartphone.)

You can also view the interactive map here.

Hunting for a different angle?

You can click here to visit Google Maps, where you can walk-through some parts of the resort.

Sandals Royal Barbados Map

For Sandals Royal Barbados, I’ll also first share the high-definition layout.

Similarly to before, here is a labeled map of this resort. Apologies again on the quality – I haven’t found better anywhere and forgot to take my own photo on my last visit. I’ll update soon!

An interaction version of this map is also available.

What To Know

You can, of course, read everything about these remarkable resorts, but I think there are a few highlights and secrets you definitely need to know before visiting.

Butch’s Chophouse

This fine-dining steakhouse is my favorite – in the entirety of the Caribbean!

I’ve dine at Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe and my experiences at Butch’s would rank them as high as any.

The deliciousness is abundant: garlic-infused lobsters over ribeye, parmesan-crusted mac & cheese bites, fries with truffle shavings…the list continues.

In fact, I’ve been known to choose my vacation purely off the restaurant options.

While there are 18 total restaurants (included!) to choose from (7 at Royal + 11 at Barbados), Butch’s ranks #1 for me.

The secret?

The resorts each have a Butch’s Chophouse, but the menus aren’t the same. If you love seafood, there are a few more seafood choices at the Butch’s on the Royal Barbados side. 

Pool Paradise

Between the two resorts, there are 15 public pools to be found.

However, the pools are not the same and each offer very different experiences.

The pools you’ll most likely want to know about are the glass beachfront infinity pool and the rooftop ocean-view infinity pool – both on the Royal side.

Both of these pools are truly stunning.

The glass infinity pool is situated right up against the jaw-dropping beach.

Take a peek:

Not to be outdone, the adjacent rooftop (where the Cantilever liquid nitrogen cocktail bar is!) has a spectacular infinity pool – a brilliant place to watch the sunset from on high.

Have a look for yourself:

Bowling Alley

Yup! This is the only resort in the Caribbean, to my knowledge, where you can go bowling all-inclusive

Attached to Lover’s Lane Craft Beer Bar (highest selection of craft beers at a single bar in an all-inclusive), couples can get their bowling on while sipping their favorite beverage.

If this isn’t your think, there is a magnificent land sports area just right outside with table soccer, ping pong, and many other delights.

Want a peek at the bowling alley? Sure thing!

Enjoy Yourself

If you have chosen to visit any Sandals, particularly one of these, you are really in for a treat.

If you’ve chosen Sandals Royal Barbados, I’ve previously ranked this resort as my favorite in the Caribbean!

I hope the above maps help and most importantly, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Now, now – away you go. Caribbean paradise is calling your name.